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Application - The World of Manaan

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July 22nd, 2005

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03:12 pm - Application
Here is the application you need to fill out and send it to me at sponebenm@adelphia.net
(c) your name -year
Player Information Name:
Email address:
Instant Messenger:(AIM)

Character Information Name:

Affiliation: (Jedi Order, Sith Order, Republic, what not)
Master/Mentor: (who taught your charie what he/she knows)
Rank: (Jedi: youngling, padawan, knight, master)
Weapon: (include color if lightsaber)

Physical Appearance: (at least two paragraphs - give detailed description, things you could include are eye color, hair color, complexion, build, scars, other markings, other physical traits like gait, carriage, ticks, etc)

Personality: (at least two paragraphs- give detailed description, include personality strengths, weaknesses, and most of all FAULTS! no one's perfect)

History: (at least four paragraphs - give detailed description [catching on yet?], include family back-history, childhood, any special responsibilities, etc)

Any other special features we need to know about? (any particular talents, etc)
A good portion of this application has been modeled from the APPLICATION FORM on _kotor_ ~Kazakk~

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